Our Farm Story



Shaw Farms was a concept that we first imagined in 2011, right after we married. We knew down the road we wanted to have a small family and a family farm that we all could contribute to; however, at that time we were not in a place to do it. That all changed when we bought our home in Newnan and first discovered our love for the alpaca lifestyle during after visiting another alpaca farm in the north Georgia mountains.  It was from that experience we decided to go all in (go big or go home, you know) and put together a plan to convert and develop our new home site from just a residential property to aworking alpaca farm.

Construction began immediately with the addition of a barn, fencing and dry lots for the alpacas to rest and relax on; then the real work began.  The hunt was on for high quality, genetically elite alpacas to form our foundation herd.  Alpacas were hand-selected for their fleece, color and conformation then brought in from Washington, Iowa, Pennsylvania and even right here in Georgia, to ensure that our newly formed herd would be some of the best.

While there are a host of different animals at Shaw Farms, the focus remains on importing the best possible alpacas from around the country to not only develop elite genetics within the Shaw Farms herd, but to also make a positive impact on the overall national alpaca herd.

Our goal is to continue to develop our farm, increase our knowledge in alpaca genetics and husbandry techniques and assist  other alpaca farmers improve their farms and herds.  Now that you know a little about us, we cordially invite you to Shaw Farms to experience the alpaca lifestyle and possibly begin your own alpaca adventure!

- Jeff and Sabrina